All About Our Wine Pairings

We pair each of our dishes with a specially chosen wine to help elevate your tasting experience

Caserecce with tomato, capers, olives, chilli basil

This is a great team of southern Italian flavours, with a light tomato sauce. Our Sicilian Frappato perfectly matches, due to its lightness not overpowering the sauce, and it’s cherry fruit complementing the savoury capers and olives.

Endive with pear, gorgonzola, and pine nuts

This salad combines many different taste sensations, with its bitter endive, sweet pear and salty gorgonzola. These flavours require an aromatic wine with good amount ripeness and body. Our Gew, from the Alto Adige region bordering Austria, has real personality and presence. Its lychee flavours combine with the pear, and its off-dry character complements both the bitter and salty edges of the dish.

Linguine, with tomato, chilli, and gurnard

Our linguine dish combines tomato with meaty gurnard fish and a background warmth of chilli. This dish requires a dry wine with low tannins. The forceful style of our Bardolino Chiaretto is big enough to take on the chilli, without masking the fish.

Pappardelle with beef short-rib ragu

A real classic, one that is both hearty and rich. With beef, red looks obvious, but a wine with both body and concentration of flavour is needed. We recommend a chianti, made from the Sangiovase grape. Chianti’s robust tannins, dryness and acidity can make it difficult to enjoy on its own, but works well when paired with rich foods.

Lightly smoked salmon with a caper and horseradish tartare

One of our small plates is lightly smoked salmon served with a zippy caper and horseradish tartare for a deceptively simple, but delicious dish. We recommend our Lacyrma Christi, from the slopes of Vesuvius. Its subtle stone fruit character matches the smokiness of the salmon while its smooth mouth feel complements the fiery tartare.

Salumi with prosciutto crudo, la ventricina calabrese, and salami

Salumi is a selection of cured meats.  Naturally quite rich, Italians would take care to provide a wine that cuts through that fat. Lambrusco, a wine so often misunderstood comes into its own here. Its dry, fizzy, savoury and slightly tart character make it a perfect match to the richness of this classic antipasti dish.

Tagliolini with butter emulsion, cured truffle, and preserved egg yolk

One of our most popular dishes is our Tagliolini, an irresistible combination of truffle and a butter emulsion, topped with grated cured egg yolk. A classic match for truffle is Barolo, made from the Nebbiolo grape. Rather than austere and acidic, our Barolo from the Cabutto brothers is silky and approachable, which makes for a luxurious yet affordable experience.

Pork tenderloin tonnato

This is our take on a classic Italian dish, Vitello Tonnato. Here pork tenderloin replaces veal, combined with a tuna sauce. It may sound bizarre, but it’s a combination that just works. What also works, is enjoying it with our Arneis. It has the body to match the pork, a crisp character to stand up the richness of the tuna sauce, and manages to accentuate this dish even further.

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